Awana will start September 5th and meet every Wednesday evening from 6:15 until 7:55 PM (*Puggles and Cubbies are done at 7:45 pm) through the end of April. This year the Awana Commander is Larry Perreault and the Executive Secretary is Kelly Jerrold. Please contact Larry for information about Awana.

We have clubs for all ages:
  • Puggles - 2 year olds
  • Cubbies - 3 & 4 year olds
  • Sparks - K through 2nd grade
  • Truth and Training (T&T) - 3rd through 5th grade
  • Trek - 6th through 8th grade
  • Journey for our High School students.

Awana costs $35/child, which covers handbooks and awards for the year. Uniforms, book-bags and CD's are an additional cost. There are scholarships available if needed.

About our Ministry

We look forward to your child participating in our Awana program! A terrific year of activities has been planned including Grand Prix,  theme nights like Crazy Hair and Black Out night, sleep overs for older clubbers, Christmas parties and much more.

The Awana ministry includes three parts: scripture memorization and understanding (handbook time), game time, and a story time. Awana helps the church give children a sound Biblical foundation, which they can carry with them for their entire lives. Majestic View Church's Awana ministry is one of over 12,000 clubs around the world!

There are many ways for parents to help their children grow in their relationship with God through Awana. Specifically, they can work regularly with them on the verses in the Awana handbooks. They can also answer many questions their child may have as a result of participating in Awana and encourage them as they work toward specific awards.

The MVC Awana club is led by a team of 35+ faithful workers, several of which have received the coveted Citation Award for completing 10 Awana handbooks between 3rd and 12th grade. Many leaders have worked in Awana for over a decade providing a rich and stable program.

Please feel free to drop by and visit the club. Your participation, encouragement and prayers are both welcomed and appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact the church office or 303-621-2856. We would be happy to hear from you!

What is Awana really about?

Awana Clubs International is a non-denomination, Bible-centered children's and youth ministry whose goal is to reach boys, girls, and youth with the Gospel of Christ, and train them to serve Him. The acronym Awana comes from 2nd Timothy 2:15 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." Thus, Awana stands for "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed" 

What does a typical Awana night look like?

In the Opening Ceremony, the children will have prayer, announcements, and salute the American and Awana flags. They will also receive awards for participation in Theme nights. 

In Handbook Time, the children recite the Bible verses they have memorized at home and review with their leader what those verses mean. 

In Game Time, children will play age-appropriate games, focusing on sportsmanship & cooperation. These games encourage participation and team competition. For the children's safety, long pants and tennis shoes are required. 

In Council Time, the children will worship, participate in a prayer time, and hear a Bible lesson taught at their age level.  Occasionally a featured speaker will address the club or children will perform a skit. 

As the clubbers progress through their handbooks, they are awarded stickers (Cubbies), Jewels (Sparks), or Bones/Patches (Truth & Training). The awards are usually presented at the end of the club night, the week the children complete the requirements.

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