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Life of Valor
Saturday 18 August 2018, 05:00pm - 10:00pm
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Colorado is fortunate and blessed to be hosting a Life Of Valor event in Broomfield on August 18th. The event will be held at the Broomfield Events Center, 11450 Broomfield Ln. Broomfield, CO. 80021. Please click on this link to see the official poster of the event.

This is an incredibly special event, designed for men: Every guy wants to be known as a man of valor, a man of strength and courage. There is an inner desire in us to overcome the enemy, subdue the dragon and win the beauty. Every guy wonders, could I take on that kind of challenge? Would I be good enough? Do I have what it takes?

Life of Valor is unlike any other event. It’s gritty, it’s real, it’s raw, yet fun, interactive, image rich, high energy, jam-packed and loaded with powerful messaging taken from the Navy SEAL’s Ethos and delivered by former Navy SEALs.

Navy Seals are elite, special operation soldiers that conduct unconventional covert warfare. They are set apart because they live their lives by that Navy SEAL’s Ethos that defines their mission. Before getting a trident, before training and even before Hell Week, they must learn the code. It’s their ethos, their shoreline and their hope for getting home. And everyone wants to get back home. Sadly, today many men don’t know their code and end up drifting wherever the wind blows them. They have become lost in the sea of gender confusion and can’t find their way back. Their lives are lived without direction or purpose. It’s time to help men find their way home.

This unique men’s event leverages the skills and training of Navy SEALs and their code to help men understand how everyman is in an ongoing epic battle. How everyman has been given a code, God’s word, to live by. How everyman can be an overcomer and everyman can live a Life of Valor!
Join us as we engage an extraordinary group of Navy SEALS that have chosen to be set apart in a different way as followers of Jesus Christ. These SEALS will speak about the timeless biblical principles that will help all men step into the life God has for them. You will also experience extreme worship with an edge from great Christian Rock Bands as well as laugh and be challenged by Christian comedian Brad Stine.

It’s our greatest desire to bring a life-transforming encounter with God to the men of this nation through this unique men’s event, Life of Valor.
Location Broomfield Events Center, 11450 Broomfield Ln. Broomfield, CO. 80021