Who We Are

Majestic View Church is first and foremost a local body of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who are committed to proclaiming the Gospel, equipping believers for service in the kingdom of God, and mutual edification & fellowship in the Spirit and through the Word of the Lord.

Second, we are a church that strives to welcome anyone in the community to come and see what the Lord is doing among His people at Majestic View. We hope that you will find our members to be hospitable and gracious as you visit our church.

Third, we are a church that holds to the inspiration, authority and the inerrancy of Scripture. This means that we believe 1) that the human authors of the Old and New Testaments were inspired by the Holy Spirit when penning Scripture, and therefore all of the Scriptures are the actual words of God, 2) that the Bible is the final authority in the life of a Christian for all matters of faith and practice, and that obedience to Scripture is the standard for obedience to God, and 3) that the entire Bible is free from error or mistake. These essential truths can be seen in every area of church life at Majestic View Church, from preaching to music to youth, etc.

Fourth, we are a church that strives to provide quality ministries for every age group: Children, Students, and Adults.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: During our current remodeling phase, we still wanted to make a way for you to watch a full service with our worship songs included. So, for those watching our Sunday services from home through our YouTube channel, we will be posting our full service from the previous Sunday. The first full service we will post will be from September 6th and each future Sunday for the time being. You can follow the link below to our YouTube MVC Channel to begin watching the service. We pray this serves you well during this time.

To view our Sunday Worship Services on YouTube, please click MajesticViewChurchLive.

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